Saturday, December 8, 2007

Google Wedding

So another Google billionaire gets married today. Larry Page will marry Lucy Southworth in Sir Richard Branson's private hideaway, a 74 acre spread in the British Virgin Islands called Necker Island. So I'd thought I'd feature GOOG as a stock using the marriage of numbers and the Bible, and show how this indicated the importance of Google as a company, albeit overpriced! At least it will be something Larry and Sergei wouldn't know.

On CNBC Thursday, they had a gentlemen who was called the "prophet of profits" and he said that the numbers in fractals and chaos are predictive elements of the stock market. But he didn't offer up anything to anyone.

So at least I'll offer up some of the techniques and let you decide for yourself. At a minimum you'll probably learn some things about Google, and how to make some sense out of chaos.

But who would use a Bible to pick stocks?

You would have to believe it's the word of G-d!

(And I put this piece in here today just to make people think. In the stock market people are always looking for derivative explanations, and cause and effect relationships. Sometimes they are they, and sometimes they are not; most times they are just used to sell something. It's always up to you to decide the seriousness of it.)

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