Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Google Code

It starts with the first verse in the Bible, "In the beginning G-d created the heaven and the earth." You can see it above. But Hebrew letters, also stand for numbers. So let's just change the letters into numbers, and get to work. (Wait until you have to change the names of the stocks into numbers!) So let me give you just a bit of background data, and we'll get GOOG as a stock "recommendation."

As you can see the seven words of Genesis 1:1 convert into the following seven words, with the following values:

(1) In the beginning=913
(5)the heaven=395
(6) and=407
(7) the earth=296

Let's do some simple math: Add the number value of the words.
1+3=913+86=999= (In the beginning G-d)=(37x27)
3+5+6=86+395+407=888=(G-d, and, the heaven)=(37x24)
3+5+7=86+395+296=777=(G-d, the heaven, the earth)=(37x21)

Now add the seven words:
The prime factors of 2701 are 37 and 73, thus 37x73=2701
So in it's simplest form, creation can be represented by 37x73.
Now if we take 2701, and reverse it we have 1072. Now add them together. 2701+1072=3773

Now 3.333333333 cubed=37.037037
and 9.999999999 cubed=999.99999
and the number of the earth, the 7th word is 296
and 6.666666666 cubed=296.296296, and the earth revolves around the sun in space at 66,666 miles per hour, and 37.037037 +296.29629=333.333333.

Issac Asimov said, that if G-d had wanted to prove himself, he would of put pi in the Bible, as the two most important numbers in our universe are probably pi and e, the mathematical constant. But pi is found in the first verse. Just multiply the value of the letters that make up Genesis 1:1 x the number of the letters (28) divided by the value of the words multiplied x the number (7) of words, and you have pi.

Here it is:
x400x10x300 x1x200x2x28 (the letters value of Gen 1:1 multiplied x28). Divide this by
296x407x395x401x86x203x213x7 (the word values multiplied x 7) and you get
=3.1415x10^17 or pi.

So the creation, of Genesis 1:1, in it's simplest form, adds to 2701, which can be expressed by it's prime factors 37x73.