Saturday, December 8, 2007

How does this pick a stock?

In Genesis 1:1, we find the most important mathematical expression, pi, when we convert the letters to the numbers as I have shown. In John 1:1, which also talks about creation, by converting the letters and the numbers with the same technique, we get the mathematical constant, e, of which Google filed to raise when they went public. (see the post below)

The number that represents Google, then is e. But Google had a name change, from Googol, thanks to the check from Andy. The difference? The letter e. And googol, also was named rather fortuitously, by a nine year old. The difference in the Google name? It is the e, and this difference, is what screamed out to buy the stock. Because the shift of the e, changed the numbers on the company Google, for those who understand the biblical numbers.

Why is that important? Because if it's important enough to change the name of the company, then the company, will obviously be important enough to change the way we do business.

And if it's important enough to change the way we do business, it's important enough for you to buy. And Google, unlike most IPO's was open to anyone with the money.

It was the one time that Wall Street didn't have an advantage over the public!

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