Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wisdom Gematria

Here's a table of Hebrew letters, and their numerical equivalents. Creation is defined, numerically in Genesis 1:1, as the prime factors of 2701, which is 37x73. Biblically, we read that "the world was created by wisdom."

Wisdom in Hebrew is he mem kaph cheth, with numerical values of 8, 20, 40, and 5. 8+20+40+5=73. Now he, is the 8th letter, mem is the 11th, kaph is the 13th, and cheth is the 5th. 8+11+13+5=37.

So wisdom, has an ordinal value of 37, and a numerical value of 73. And creation, defined as 2701, factors to 37x73, the ordinal and numerical values of wisdom.

So when it says, "the world was created by wisdom," here it is represented numerically.