Thursday, September 4, 2008

Government figures

We have 3.3% for GDP that the whole world recognizes as phony.

Today we have a 4.3% increase for productivity which is as phony as the GDP figure.

All the bears say the the government fixes these figures. But these same bears proclaim that they are lilly white in how they conduct their trading?

Come on. How many people are front running the liquidations of these hedge fund blow ups? Now we see today that the weekly oil figures are manipulated by those attempting to game the system.

Why shouldn't they? CNBC breathlessly reports these figures as though they mean something. Now we know they didn't mean anything! It just allowed some scholars to get press for their opinions!

Everyone has seen T. Boone Pickens energy commercials, and now we have Audrey McClendon of Chesapeake Energy tag teaming on them . Today Picken's Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE 17.88) announced a 10 year contract from the city of LA for 340 of their LNG garbage trucks.

Green can make you green!

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