Friday, September 19, 2008

SEC bans shortselling for Financials

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission took what it called "emergency action" on Friday and temporarily banned investors from short-selling 799 financial companies.

The temporary ban, aimed at helping restore falling stock prices that have shattered confidence in the financial markets, takes effect immediately.

Today the shorts get their head ripped off!


bob said...

Hedge Funds- they tried to take down the world!

With Swaps and naked short selling they were actually doing it.

The Hedge Funds withdrew 180Billion yesterday- all the while they were shorting the entire banking sector- they wanted a World Wide depression.

We need to see Hedge Fund perp walks here.

Hang Seng- it hit 16k yesterday- a few weeks ago (in august) it was at 23K- but it had already fallen from 32k!

The naked short selling hedge funds have caused massive catastrophic damage.

In the span of a few days they took LEH AIG FRE FNM down- these were some of the largest companies on earth- and they wanted more!

palmoni said...

You said it!!!