Friday, September 26, 2008

FDIC's Blair: We have many buyers for banks


Why is it, that everytime that a bank supposedly is going to be bought, it goes to zero? Are these really buyers, or are they people that really just want to look at the assets on the books of these banks ands see how bad they really are? Then go out and short all the debt and common that you can get your hands on!

Once any light is shined on the banks, they are toast.

So if you don't want burnt toast, don't advertise a sale!

Banks used to give a toaster when you made a deposit.

Now if you take a look at their assets, you don't need the toaster.

They are already burnt!

And that's deflation. The burning up of assets.

Last month, the Federal reserve was worried about inflation and Fisher from the Fed, for the first time in five meetings, finally acquiesced to not voting for a rate increase.

What planet are they on?

The same one with the posturing politicians!

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