Friday, September 5, 2008

UST! I'll take it!

Sometimes you just get lucky!

My brother was down visiting, and yesterday morning, I was looking for my car keys, and I asked him where he put the keys.

He said they were in his pants pocket. I dug out the keys, and they were next to a can of Husky Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco.

I never understood chew, but he said "It's only $1.29, and it's fresh. Look at the expiration date-It flies off the shelf. It's the working man's chew!"

So I bought the stock looking to be defensive. Today it gets a bid.

If only this market was that easy!


Anonymous said...

That's Ridiculous. Luck one of your skills?

palmoni said...

If I was really lucky, I would of bought calls!

But UST pulled out of a conference Thursday, so it made the can of chew that morning stick in my mind.

And it was just coincidental enough to make me take a shot.