Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Buy the NAZ!!!

Anyone see the "scary" selling in GOOG (465.25), APPL (166.19) and RIMM(118.35) today? What a joke!!!

Buy em!!!!

The selling in the market today will be a do-over, as the bears pressed their tech stock shorts because they can't press the financials down anymore, as they are in the process of covering their shorts in these numbers, and can no longer lay them out. It's too painful!

So they attacked the names in tech that "everyone" knows and "everyone" then looks for a reason why they are down.

Well why was oil down today and the financials up? What position are all these "smart" hedge funds in? How about long oil and commodities, and short the financials. The action in the stocks is just the unwinding of their bad bets!

So tomorrow, tech rallies, along with the rest of the market, except for oil, which gets sold again. GOOG, RIMM and APPL should be the main beneficiary of the rally in tech.

Bear market? Bear market my butt! We are in a bull market.

We just have to have the bears unravel their bets.

And who would sell these stocks so viciously?

Only those that need them down!

Remember how this market was killed by housing? Has anyone looked at the XHB lately? Or the rally in the financials? The stocks are telling you something completely different than what the talking heads are saying.

And the selling in tech today, was only "reel" not "real." Reread this post below and just substitute tech for your favorite financial stock. It's the same game!

Buy the NAZ here at 2349.24!!!

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