Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Buy the Coal stocks!

Arch Coal (ACI 43.89), Massey (MEE 55.77) and Peabody (BTU 53.39)look like they hit a trading bottom today.

Tonight Palin gives her Vice President speech, and I think she hits it out of the park. I think she will be perceived to be personable, likable, and trustworthy tonight-at least by Middle America.

Obama already has the college professor vote, along with Wall Street, and there's more than a few on the street that thinks he'll crush coal.

Crush coal?

I don't even know if team Obama can take on a chick from Alaska!

And if she hits it out of the park, then the election is up for grabs.

Wouldn't that be a sight. The market rallies huge on the "news" of a good speech by McCain's Vice president.

That will be real tough for Wall Street and the press to take.

I guess they'll have to take it like a man!

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