Monday, November 5, 2007

Want a date with Anna Kournikova?

Last night, at the Boca Raton Resort, the annual Cris Evert Pro Celebrity Tennis Classic gala and silent auction was held. A fair amount of luminaries were there, but the best draw was President Bush and his wife Barb. After a few cocktails, some of the former communist block tennis lovelies must of felt the same way, as the secret service almost had to pry them off of 41.

At the live auction,
a luncheon date with Anna Kournikova was offered. It went for only $1750. I thought about arbitrage pricing that date, but kept my paddle in my lap. Either her popularity has fallen, or the real estate recession is affecting the pocketbooks of the well to do. Or maybe, the ones that wanted to bid, were sitting with their wives. In any event, if the bidding was a leading indicator, I'd suggest that it showed that individuals are still overweighted in financials and homes!