Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Fed will remain exceptionally alert and flexible"

Bernanke's speech tonight indicates that the December 11 cut will be a minimum of 50 basis points. I now say that it is between a 50 or a 75 basis point cut, because 75 basis points is exceptional, while 50 basis points is flexible.

At least in my dictionary.


Anonymous said...

The Fed will protect you. It doesn't matter what you pay for stocks. They will always go up. This credit crisis and mortgage crisis is a joke. People will keep buying and our profits will soar to the moon.

Anonymous said...

75 basis points? Why not 150 basis points or 300? What does the "need" to cut at these levels tell you?

Anonymous said...

It tells you that @#%$ is about to hit the proverbial fan.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow should be a great time for institutions to unload stocks on unsuspecting retail sheeple investors.

Palmoni said...

Financial assets are at bottoming prices. You have to buy them, as the mortgage crisis fades as real estate recovers. And you have to buy the markets here. We have hit the bottom, and it is not coming back. The retail sheepie investors aren't even in this market; it's the short hedgies that are so worried.

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