Thursday, May 5, 2011

SLV call options for the silver wimps!

$1.04  for the June 41 calls looks to me like a nice leveraged spec on silver, with SLV trading at 35.44. Looks like a cheap spec to play the capitulation sell-off on silver.

The silver bears will soon get unmasked!


Anonymous said...

why is silver getting hit so hard? you really think it will shoot back up?

Palmoni said...

rules were changed! de-leveraging the players by increasing the margin in the futures--therefore proving that the "transitory" commodity inflation that Bernanke talked about--well try and make that appear to be more realistic...

then look at the market--you'll hear people say that this is 2008 all over again--commodities cracked first and then the whole system blew up

so you have those believers piling on--look at gold--dumping that now also--Gold hit what $1574--silver corrected 30%--if gold would correct 30% well that $1100--so it's pretty easy to panic folks because in a panic he who panics first wins---

so they press the panic button!

Anonymous said...

nice to have u back mate

Anonymous said... hit even harder...i bought AG but it's down another $1 and EXK down hard...30% correction to just hold?

Anonymous said...


Your thoughts on the continued strength of silver into the close would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Wait til Monday and you'll get those options even cheaper!

Anonymous said...

yea, right! Your SLV calls are already down 20% and it is just in one day. Your "advertised" price is 1.04, last trade was 0.77

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