Tuesday, May 24, 2011

David Rosenberg, of the bear's asylum, speaks on CNBC

And it appears he has taken some therapy.

He now says S&P could go to 1200.

Remember when he said ....

S&P 500?
S&P 800?
S&P 900?

I guess the wheels fell off of that prediction.

Or on February 18, 2010 when he said that a "test of S&P 912  was inevitable?"

Now S&P 1200 'is a good entry point!

So here's what that means.

You don't even see S&P 1300!!!

So why the walk through the sanitarium?

Because if you walk down the hallway....

You see the bears "three legged stool."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The legs are following off the bear's stool

It's now patently obvious that Monday's downdraft was an orchestrated move by the bears to crack the market.

And it's now patently obvious, that we have already had the price and time correction in this bull market.

We corrected 5%; so that was the price correction.

And the time correction was one day.

The fundamentals of the economy are getting better, so we now have had the time correction, even though it was only one day, because the economy is healing that quickly.

And the correction that we had, that was manufactured by the bears, on the heels of the stress test pre-release by a white supremist, means that the desperation of the quants that are short, and those not invested are at a fever pitch---just look at who they had to use!

So the legs of the stool that supported the bears are now broken. And now the bulls will extract every penny from the bears hides who remain short.

After all, it's a milking stool!

The leg of a financial collapse of the financials is gone--do suicides happen at financial tops?

The leg of bearishness from Goldman Sachs is now broken.

The leg of the next depression is now destroyed.

And further down, you have the bears "stool check!"

As Advertised, once again, here, long ago!

Now that Roubini, Rosenberg and Whitney have finally been discredited after being wrong for well over two years!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dandelion tea bags for the bears?

I thought I would help readers with the stage of denial that the bears are currently under, with a simple stool chart, that will go with my piece this morning on the bears stools with the legs falling off!

It's even more appropriate today, since a black bear was sighted in Weston, South Florida. Unlike Wall Street, they couldn't find the bear. But he left tracks!

And like the Wall Street bears, their stool is quite similiar. It's full of nuts, and hard to pass. And as you can see from the chart above, the bears, in their public proclamations are still at Type 1; the stage of constipation! They're still full of themselves!

However, a "channel check" of the toilets around Wall Street, shows a markedly different chart pattern.

Behind closed doors, the bowls are splattered.

That would indicate that the bears, are really sh*tting their pants, while spraying the bowl.

While seated!

And that would make some sense. After all, at stage 6, stool is characterized by "fluffy" pieces. Isn't that the latest research from the bears?

Look at Nouriel Roubini's writings. How well was his latest work held together?

Roubini thought he was clever, intoning, while the world sees "green shoots" he sees "yellow weeds!"

How appropriate. The most common yellow weed is a dandelion, the traditional medication for constipation!

Instead of throwing tea bags over the White House fence, maybe somebody better send some dandelion tea bags to Wall Street!

Let's have a Wall Street tea party with David Rosenberg, Meredith Whitney and Nouriel Roubini as the invited guests!

Served on fine China

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