Thursday, May 5, 2011

Good golly, sell Mollycorp!

You had the stock here on September 30 last year at 28. It's now 69.

Blow it out!!!

That rare earth story is soo over!!!


Anonymous said...

so your not worried about silver going down any lower after being corrected by 30%?

Palmoni said...

Heck no!! Today they puked up every paper short. on fact when silver was under 35 I called my dealer and he was selling silver eagles at $4.50 over spot so I picked up some more physical from these pool accounts where they just shuffle paper along with your assets.

The selloff today--- as far as I thought-- it was a gift!! Every stop was run and everyone leveraged just gave up the ghost! Whatever happens to silver-- it will bounce from here and it should bounce good.

Cramer told the world to panic on silver today. What a joke!