Monday, May 9, 2011

Silver bears turn tail

Boy--that was a really tough call to make!!

The physical buyers pick up what the paper sellers sell!

And last weeks silver snuffer, Jim Cramer, is now saying he always has, and always will be an advocate of gold!

“I’ve been recommending gold since I started Mad Money,” Mr. Cramer declared. “ . . . There will be moments of fluff but I'm not really trading it . . . I regard it as the currency of your portfolio . . . I feel very strongly we are not in a topping phase.”

“I’d rather have the insurance policy of gold rather than the insurance policy of GEICO,” Mr. Cramer later said.


Anonymous said...

lol...good you see a bounce to 40 and maybe a retest?

Anonymous said...

what are your thoughts on X?

Palmoni said...

I think X bounces here--i bought calls on X today

and silver a bounce to 41

Anonymous said...

Where do you see slv getting to?