Monday, January 12, 2009

The clock ticks for Rohm & Haas

When is Dow Chemical going to announce the renegotiated price of it's Rohm & Haas acquisition? I just don't buy the story that this deal is going through. When Microsoft first walked away from Yahoo, the stock didn't crater because Paulson & Co, T. Boone Pickens, Carl Ichan and other arbs were buying. The price made it appear that "they" knew something.

They didn't.

I have no idea if Paulson & Co. added to their 15 million share stake in ROH on the latest dip. What is evident is that someone was buying.

But if I want to play a speculation in chemicals, why not take a shot in Huntsman (HUN 3.22)? They have a tortious interference trial with the banks in May, and private equity already paid a billion to walk away.

I like those odds better.

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