Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dow's Liveris-The dividend is now on the table

Today Andrew Liveris of Dow Chemical said that the "dividend" is now on the table. (Start at 10:50 in the clip in the link)

The key to Wall Street the past two years is whatever the CEO says, the opposite will happen. Look at his interview on October 23 with the stock at 24.
Start at minute 7:00 on the YouTube clip

Highlights or should I say lowlights of this interview:

---388 consecutive quarters without cutting the dividend...This CEO will never cut this divided

---It is ludicrous our stock price is where it is

---My stock price has nothing to do with the reality of the quality of the balance sheet, the quality of our cash flow, the quality of our cash flow, the quality of our reward to shareholders

Three months later, the stock price is cut in half, and now a dividend cut is on the table.

Which means the dividend cut is just around the corner.