Monday, January 26, 2009

The speculation corner

Here's some speculative picks for those who want some action in this market, in the beaten down areas that are starting to show some signs of life. Today we saw some noticeable weakness in the dollar, and more weakness in Government bonds across the globe. I think this translates into a tradable rally.

We also some some glimmer of life in housing, (existing home sales up 6 1/2%) and the affordability index of homes has increased markedly. And with the Dow showing support down at the 8,000 level, we are due for a rally.

What will cause it? I don't know. But it seems there has been an underlying bid in the latest sell-offs, despite the plethora of bad news that continually hits stocks.

And when we are ready to reverse, we get days like today. Up, and then the sell-off that seems to be concerted, as if the bears are trying to force it down, and then stability when the selling is contained.

That's normally the recipe for a trade. Here's some speculative picks, with cheap prices that guarantees you some action! Hopefully these will be flea market bargains, and not just inventory that's still being wholesaled!

DXO (2.73) The double crude ETF
UYG (3.04) The double financial ETF
DYY (6.06) The double commodity ETF
URE (4.39) The double real estate ETF