Friday, October 12, 2007

Oracle buys BEAS! As advertised!

Oracle offers to buy BEAS for $6.66 billion! Did you miss this? It was advertised here on Monday, under "derivative" plays, and I asked readers to reread it Wednesday. If you didn't, you missed action in China, and a takeover. If you don't read your daily manna, you don't get fed.

"Business Objects (BOBJ 50.26) got a cash takeover by SAP close to $60 bucks. (Where have all the midcap software stocks gone? Oh that's right, they've already been bought.) One that hasn't is BEA Systems (BEAS 14.01) a stock Ichan has bought a 13.2% stake. So that's the 10 second "derivative" play on SAP's buy."

But why the picture of the earth? Earth in Hebrew is eretz, and converting the earth from Genesis 1:1 into the numerical equivalents gives you a value of 296. Now if you cube 6.6666666666 you have 296.296296296296, the number of the earth. And the earth travels 66,666 miles an hour around the sun. Of course this story is in Genesis, where most think about Adam, Eve and the apple in the garden of Eden. But what was the price of the first Apple computer? $666.66. So $6.66 billion for BEAS? Larry Ellison dialed up the right numbers!