Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Morning touts and tips

Back in the 90's Blodget was famous for his $400 target on Amazon, which seemed outrageous until it was hit three weeks later. Today he said the Google could eventually hit 2,000. That will get headlines, until you read the whole article. He says it may take 20 years. Maybe you're just better off buying the Chinese high fliers. The Investment banks are finally getting into that game. $50 billion of private equity is going into China and they'll want some stocks. Look at China Direct (CDS 7.80) on the Amex. It's a great day trading small cap stock, that gives traders a lot of action.

Speaking of selling ads, Microsoft said that business will eventually be about 25% of their revenue. Maybe that price of $6 billion for aQuantive isn't so outrageous. Wasn't Google's buy of YouTube universally panned also?

Morgan Stanley downgraded AMD. INTC, and NVDA this morning, while Merrill Lynch upgraded CIEN (42.66) after it was up $4 yesterday. In the financials Deutsche Bank announced a $3 billion charge, so that stock will trade up. Finally, high flier Intuitive Surgical (ISRG 233.12) was reiterated buy and the target was increased to 270 by OPCO. The stock reports earnings in two weeks, so watch the volatility on the options on this stock.

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