Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Pope John Paul back from the grave? The bonfire was lit during a service near the Pope's birthplace on the second anniversary of his death. Websites crashed as the faithful looked at the pictures.

Maybe the Nasdaq and technology stock participants would be a little better off, if they developed a bit more belief. A nice example is Intel (INTC 25.48) which reported bang up numbers. The WSJ headlines yesterday were Intel Soars: Did customers overorder?

Who helped the WSJ with this article? The analysts from Think Equity who downgraded INTC to a sell and cut their target to 22 last week?

In the conference call afterwards INTC saw higher margins and larger participation in the server market. To see a higher price for the stock, and you don't need to suspend belief. You just don't need to listen to Think Equity.

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