Thursday, October 4, 2007

Colon CAT scans

Vital Images (VTAL 21.99) was up two bucks today because their Vitrea software creates dimensional images from body scanners, and virtual colonoscopies have gotten a lot of press. But the market completely missed iCad Inc.(ICAD 3.23). It would be easy to miss, since only one analyst covers the stock.

iCAD is the only stand alone company offering CAD (computer aided detection) solutions for the early detection of breast cancer, and is the industry leader in breast cancer detection. But check out page 12 of their latest 10Q, where ICAD had this to say. "CT Colonography or CTC is emerging as an alternative imaging procedure for evaluation of the colon. The Company is developing a product for computer aided detection of polyps using CTC. Colorectal cancer has been shown to be highly preventable with early detection and removal of polyps."

If the market does some digging, the day traders could get a hold of this stock, and it could be a cheap play on the potential of virtual colonoscopies.

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