Wednesday, October 24, 2007


On September 6th, I alerted readers to Luna (LUNA 5.64) at 3.79, a smidge above it's trading low, and ISRG at 229.97. Here's a bit of it:

..ISRG's COO Gary Guthart should, and he had this to say about it: "We view Luna as the clear technology leader in the area of advanced shape sensing and position tracking systems."

Today ISRG closed at 317.37, a gain of 88 points or 38% since September 6th. LUNA traded nice volume today, and is up 49% since then. In this market, it seems that the investor has made himself scarce. He needs to come back.

Investors should read the SEC filings on LUNA, and take another look at this company, as Wall Street is finally taking a bit of interest in the stock. Chartists will probably say that if it breaks through 6 on high volume, you'll have a multiple breakout on the chart. The stock is worth another look.

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