Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Citigroup to sell assets.

Citi now wants just to deal with the rich, and corporations. Citi will "sell" it's consumer-finance units, private label credit cards and pull back on some of their financial bets on the market.
Citi is going to sell? Too who?

Maybe while they are at it, they can find buyers for their trillion of "shadow" assets.

Citigroup says they are going to sell. Remember when GE said they were going to sell their $30 billion private label credit card division? After a year, they stopped shopping it after finding no buyers. Who is then, going to buy Citi's private label credit card division, if GE couldn't sell theirs?

The only ones interested in Citi's assets, were the taxpayer.

Sell too who?


Unknown said...

Apparently, Citigroup is not the only one. It looks like AIG has sold another subsidiary, although it will have to do a whole lot more...

Anonymous said...

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