Friday, September 3, 2010

Stocks soar; bonds hammered on unemployment news

What do you think would happen if the unemployment rate went down?

Oh My!!!!!

Remember this post just three weeks ago???

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Anyone buy this morning's dip?
When a market sell-off is over you have action like you had the last couple of days. The market rallied strongly on Tuesday, only for the bears to sell it down at the close--because they said it was just a "Potash" rallly.  At least that's the fertilizer they spread.

Then today, the market sells off this morning, and like clockwork the trolls tout it down blah blah blah. And like clockwork, I give you the right call--to buy the selloff blah blah blah!!

Double dip? That's just a hollow argument from the cowardly bears.

Because they already have their tail between their legs, just like "Mauricio" did in "Shallow Hal!"

As the market now confirms that the sell-off is over.

And Government bonds?

Did you sell your Government bonds????

As Advertised!!!!

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