Monday, September 27, 2010

LVS breaks out to new highs

It had help. Deutsche Bank had a good report on the Singapore Gaming market; and specifically on Genting. Check Genting's market cap with LVS--and then look at the properties that LVS has and then do the math.


Furthermore, you had these notes by DB out on Macau:

Macau - (Karen Tang) 4Q looks bright; but some less than others - Raising Macau gaming revenue forecast from 50% to 54% On our recent trip, Macau was buzzing. Mass gaming floors are busy and junkets continue to see capital inflows. This new wave of liquidity from casinos should boost 4Q revenues, especially after a seasonally soft Sept. We raise 2010 gaming revenue growth from 50% to 54%, implying HK$17bn/month in 4Q, a new high. Channel checks suggest that one of the casino operators is offering attractive front money to lure two big junkets currently at Wynn. This may pose risks to Wynn's market share, at least short term. Our top picks are SJM, MPEL & Sands China.

You also have 44.5 million shares short on LVS; and these shorts need to be taken out on a strecher. SI has increased 1.5 million shares from the last month.

Who is shorting LVS?

 Probably the same jokers that stayed short on NFLX!


Anonymous said...

what are your thoughts on going GS going private

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