Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ochocinco's Cereal Box charity toll-free phone number is a sex line

The cereal boxes are being recalled, as they had the wrong toll-free prefix.

Instead of Feed the Children, you get a seductress on the other line.

The box had 1 800 HELP-FTC, when it should of been 1 888 HELP-FTC!

Grab 'em!!


Anonymous said...

LoL the number works.

Hey Palmoni,
I just received my physical certificates as promised! That was one hell of a trip not knowing what would happen, but now I am happy :P

So what do you see the company doing over the next several months? Is that Alacran IPO still in the works or did they change gear?

Palmoni said...

Just a couple details on it--49,000 acres--and it's surrounded by land concession contracts controlled by BHP and Carbones del Caribe (Colombia's national coal exporter)

Estimates are 367,000 ounces gold, 43 million kg of Copper--but that is on just a small amount of measured so you can really get some big figures once you have more exploration

So if the co spends 500K on exploration and another 2 million drilling 30 holes or so at 400 meters--then they can get a much better picture from what they have

and then, after that, you could get an IPO of that, because all the numbers will be bumped up

I heard someone call that area Project Freeport--because they think there is so much copper ther

we'll see

I'm just glad things are finally getting done

these areas are so resource rich, that when anyone sees them, and then sees some of the geological work--well their head goes spinning with the upside--they always forget that mining is expensive!

Anonymous said...

anno and Palmoni, what # did you call? how can i get shares converted?

Toll Free Telephone Number said...

I can't believe it that this number really work :-)

Anonymous said...

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