Monday, September 13, 2010

Goldman's latest



Anonymous said...

what do we do now? jump on board or wiat for a pull back?

can you explain why the banks are moving up higher and why you like WFC more?

Palmoni said...

Banks have four years to adapt to capital standards--and thus the uncertainty is off of the banks--therefore they lift because this markets always discounts the most dire scenario in the stock prices..

so now, you really don't even have any risk in buying the banks here, as the mispriced risk was mispriced into the lower stock prices

Anonymous said...

buy buy buy. gold and silver, that is. the only real money that will be left when bernanke and his wall street criminal friends are finished destroying what remains of the american economy. But it will all be okay, because we can continue to be mesmerized by Jersey Shore and the daily irrelevancies of the stock market. All the while the Fed is looting America. We are in the Depression. 40 million on food stamps. That is your freakin bread lines. 1 in 6 on government assistance of some kind. They didn't have this in the 1930s. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Anonymous said...

this is a confusing marketing...are we up up and away now?