Friday, February 1, 2008

Wall Street's yahoooian analysts

Boy is this rich! Wednesday, Yahoo had lousy earnings and we had this:
  • Citigroup downgraded Yahoo saying there is no reason to give Yahoo a premium valuation, and gave it a target of 22.
  • Oppenheimer downgraded Yahoo to perform and target to 20!
  • Lehman said Yahoo's outlook for 2008 profitability was disappointing.
  • Stanford Group lowered their price target on Yahoo twice ending at 21!
  • Goldman Sachs put Yahoo at neutral and a 22.50 target.
  • Cantor Fitzgerald lowered Yahoo's rating and target to 21.
  • Smith Barney lowered target to 22, and went from a buy to hold.
  • Pacific Crest downgraded Yahoo and said it has no momemtum.
Now that Microsoft bids $31, the analysts are saying the bid is too low??? Are you kidding me? Where were they the last couple of days?

However, AMTR said Yahoo at 19 was a buy because of the yield on it's cash flow, and that the current price should entice a strategic buyer. That analyst deserves kudo's. Not these other clowns speaking after the fact!

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