Sunday, February 10, 2008

President Obama?

Wall Street better start changing their models. Two hour traffic jams in Nebraska caucuses? And these weren't voters for Hillary, who picked up only 32% of the vote to Obama's 68%. Hillary canned her campaign manager today, thinking the switch might change her momentum. But do you want another 100 years in Iraq, or do you want the troops home? We got that answer this weekend as Washington, Louisiana, Nebraska and Maine increased Obama's momentum.

The public has spoken. Get out of Iraq. And only one candidate has that message.


Obama started at 70:1; he's now at 11:8.

Hey quants, it's time to tweak your models!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you ought to just stick to Wall Street as that seems to be your high point... Rooting for an Obama presidency is like rooting for a 2000 point drop in the DJI.

Palmoni said...

I was just stating the odds, not cheerleading...