Sunday, February 3, 2008

Specter and Spygate

Has Arlen Specter ever been right on anything? Give me a break. With these comments regarding Spygate...

"It could go to hearings...This is a matter to be considered by the (Senate Judiciary) Committee. I don't want to make any broad assertions or elevate it beyond what I have a factual basis for doing, We're going to follow the facts and if warranted, there could be hearings."

...they're already saying this is the final nail in the coffin on the Giants season.

Why would you want to piss of the Patriots? The ticked-off Patriots could win by 35 points, and if the Giants would beat them now, it would be the biggest Super Bowl upset in it's history! And the proposition bets tell you that. You can't even play it! Look at these odds:

Patriots victory margin:
1-3 points +470
4-6 points +560
7-10 points +470
22 or more +280

The Giants are only +370 to win outright;
+570 to win by 1-3 points,
+740 to win by 4-6 points.

Total points scored by both teams:
71-77 +1050
78+ +940

But who bets on the numbers in sports? Wall Street quants? If you're a Giants fan, you could profit by betting on the Pats to win if the game is close. Do you think any true fan can do that?

I'm still sick about the Packers not getting in. Finally after today I'll have closure! But for now, I'll envy the Giants fans. They still have hope. But I still couldn't bet a penny on the Pats. I'll have to bet that both teams score a ton of points, and hope we have an exciting game.

But not bet on hope. The Giants fans have already covered that bet!

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