Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some cheap dates

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and like most, I do things at the last minute. Which means you're stuck on a cheap date. So here's a couple of cheap, small cap stocks that should get some play.

Akeena Solar (AKNS 7.79) pulled back from 15, and is making a rounding bottom here. The news on First Solar and the 57 point move in the stock, will cause the daytraders to take another look at the solar plays. AKNS is doing a dog and pony show for institutional investors next Tuesday and Wednesday. These small cap solar stocks trade on press releases, momentum and exposure, and you should get all three.

SiRF Technology (SIRF 7.50) makes chips for GPS devices. The passage of the stimulus plan, may mean more iPods (I have to keep pushing AAPL here while it's still cheap) and GPS devices sold. The stock has sat here the last couple of weeks, and traded better volume today, with offers being taken instead of just accumulating on the bid. With no debt, over $2.00 in cash, and a stock down from 15 or 25, depending if you are looking out two weeks or two months, you have a lot of upside if something goes right.

And in the rumor circuit there was whispers of things going right in Barcelona. And if I'm hearing "whispers" it means "they" want the stock higher, and not be pinned at the 7.5 option strike which had rather unusual call option volume today with just two days left before expiration.

With this action, you can make up for the cheap date with something extravagant--By next weekend!