Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Apple rocks afterhours!

Steve Jobs re-iterated the 10 million iPhone prediction at a Goldman Sachs conference, and buyers go giddy, pushing the stock up 8 points on the day to 127 with after hour trading.

The real push will be March 6th, when Apple announces the iPhone software development kit (SDK).

There is supposed to be "some exciting enterprise features." Which means the iPhone is looking at getting into the corporate market, which BlackBerry dominates.

Apple has their annual shareholder meeting next Tuesday, and then this event on Thursday.

Another "two for one." Shorts will be squeezed, and bulls will be emboldened. You had the bottom in Apple yesterday, and it still is 75 points off it's high.

This time being a day late doesn't cost you a dollar, but 10. And it can tack on another 10 points before the shareholder meeting. With a corresponding increase in the volatility of the calls.

Stock or options, you make the call!

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