Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Akeena Solar

Akeena Solar (AKNS 7.96) licensed it's solar power technology to Suntech Power Holdings (STP 82.32). AKNS will scream on this news, while STP will continue to move higher. Today Calyon raised their target on First Solar (FSLR 267.14) to 340, so you have a trifecta of solar stocks with news.

Anyone ever wonder where NanoSolar would trade at if they had an IPO?

It's snowing up North, a cold front moves down South, and we have$100 oil. Do you think Solar won't be Wall Street's theme this year? With green and eco-friendly becoming main stream, it's time for the US to learn from Europe.

The solar stocks are still in the early innings just like the Internet stocks were before they made they multi year moves.

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