Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Super Bowl Tip!

Garmin (GRMN 72.15) should provide a good entry point tomorrow morning, as the NASDAQ futures are down on Google's penny miss. But Super Bowl XLII should provide analysts an excuse to upgrade Garmin on the potential of their new navigation phone, nuvifone, being unveiled during their Super Bowl commercials.

You can read about the phone here:

It has all the gizmos you'd want in a phone, along with Google search and Garmin's navigation system converging into a sleek, cool looking GPS phone, and it will be Garmin's ad for the Super Bowl. Why do I know think it will be such a hit?

Because last year, Garmin's commercial was voted the worst of Super Bowl. This year the last shall be first! And the last time I touted Garmin, it popped 16 points the next day.

Friday, November 16, 2007
Yesterday, I said "Grab Garmin." Let me put it out here again:

Garmin (GRMN 85.60) is down 40 points from it's high, as the market is all worked up that GRMN will make a counter-offer higher than TomTom's bid for Tele Atlas. Rational? Not! At 2:30 a.m. this morning, Garmin and TomTom reached a global settlement on all their intellectual property litigation, and this morning, Piper came out with a call saying they felt that Nokia's deal with Navteq would now close. Which means that GRMN has reached a behind the scenes deal on maps without busting their bank.

What happened today? They announced a deal with Navteq until 2015 on maps!

I'm not saying you'll get 16 points like last time, but the stock should trade to 77 by Monday.

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