Sunday, January 13, 2008

A tale of two tickets

Club Libby Lu, had an essay contest in which the winner would receive two tickets to a Hannah Montana concert. They had 1000 entries. A Texas woman, Priscilla Ceballos helped her 6 year old daughter construct a story on how her Father was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. She won the essay, until they found out the story was made up.

The Packers gave two tickets to the "honorary captain" on a playoff essay contest. They had 5000 entries.

It was won by a nun, Sister Sean Marie, who wrote this:

Loyalty, enthusiasm, positive thinking, and prayer for the safety of the players are my qualifications for being an honorary captain. These attributes have been steadfast through good seasons and disappointing ones.

I have known well the previous teams and have respected each individual player since 1945. My Dad taught me at an early age all the fine points of the game and expected me to know numbers, plays, rules and for a girl, this was a novelty at the time. My last game with him was the "Ice Bowl" and by then I was already a Manitowoc Franciscan Sister who did most of her play calling from a chair near the radio or TV. This game was a challenge.I was stuffed, long habit and full garb into a sleeping bag up to my nose and almost bunny hopped over the bleachers on the last play. Lucky for me,the people in front of me had left a minute before the end so I had a spectular view from the 50 yard line. if the game had lasted any longer, my fingers would have been permanently stuck to my rosary beads.

This year's team has had some of the enthusiasm and drive of the "glory days." It has brought back many memories and I would be proud to be on the field with them to show my support of their dedication to the game and improvement as players.

Each team in our history has included much character building, dedication and unselfishness by the players, and the wisdom and drive of the coaches. There always has been a diversity of personalities but a common the game , give your all, and respect the fans who support the team. I would bring this same philosophy to being an honorary captain.

Sister Sean Marie

Saint Vince would be proud!

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