Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Secretary of Treasury: Warren Buffett?

In the debate last night, both McCain and Obama mentioned Warren Buffett as a possible candidate for the Secretary of the Treasury. Does anybody think that this would help the confidence of the people? Who is going to pull one over on Warren?

Now we are already hearing from wags that this wouldn't happen. After all, isn't Warren Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and this would be a "conflict of interest."

Conflict of interest? Hello? We have a former chairman of Goldman Sachs, now running Treasury, who appointed Neel Kashkari an alumni of Goldman, to head the $700 billion bail-out of which Goldman Sachs will help implement.

A Buffett appointment to Treasury, would be applauded by Main Street. Warren is worth over $50 billion, and he is giving away more than $37 billion. Do you think he could be bought? They would give him an exemption whereby he wouldn't have to put his assets in a blind trust, and his signature on the dollar, would give our currency more trust around the world.

Asked if he would take the position, Warren smiled, and didn't say anything but just held his cards close to his chest.

Something to think about in these days of gloom enveloping the street.

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