Monday, October 13, 2008

$125 billion to be invested in 9 banks

$125 billion, to be spread among the following, via a preferred at a cost of only 5%.
Wells Fargo
State Street
Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley
Merrill Lynch
JP Morgan
Bank of America

Here's what this will do. It will take the sysytemic risk out of the banks, which were used by the shortsellers to muscle the market down.

Remember how the market started to turn viciously upwards at 2:30?

Now you know why! Remember, any information that the Secretary of Treasury gives is not inside information!

I touted the Ultra-Financials, (UYG 10.90) as the way to play this rally. It was up 15% today, and will be at least that again tomorrow.

And the NAZ numbers will rock again.

After all, it's "Get Shorty" week!

As advertised!

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