Monday, October 13, 2008

iPhone coming to Walmart?

From Boy Genius:

Back in June we broke the news that Apple would be mixing things up a bit by moving away from its prior iPhone distribution model and getting a couple of nation-wide retailers in on the action. A little more than two months later, Best Buy indeed began carrying the iPhone 3G as we reported. The other retailer we mentioned however, Radio Shack, did not. We’re not sure if the Apple and the Shack hit a wall during negotiations or if we still may see the iPhone 3G pop up there but in the meantime, it looks like another major retailer has swooped down and stolen Radio Shack’s thunder. One of our ninjas has it on good authority that Walmart will begin selling the iPhone 3G next month - on November 15th to be exact. If Walmart is indeed getting the iPhone 3G, the timing makes sense with Black Friday coming just under two weeks later. Bringing the iPhone 3G to Walton’s wonder would definitely help ease the congestion a bit for those heading out to snag an iPhone 3G as a gift. Then again, considering you can’t leave a store without activating the handset first, we doubt the iPhone 3G will sell anywhere near as well as the iPhone did under the previous activation model here in the US. Well, that and the little problem we seem to be having with the economy…
Apple, has $25 a share in cash. Does anybody think that people won't come back into this name? Also remember that Nvida (NVDA 6.81) chips will now be used in Apple instead of Intel. NVDA has $3 in cash.

And while I'm speaking of stocks loaded with cash, look at Trident (TRID 1.69). They have $3.80 of cash. But Wall Street thinks no-one will ever buy another high definition TV set again!

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