Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Four AIG executives spend $86K of taxpayer money hunting partridges

Four top AIG executives flipped U.S. taxpayers the bird by spending $86,000 on a partridge hunt at an English country manor as the feds gave their struggling firm billions to stay afloat.

The heedless hunters and their guests traipsed through the fields in tweed knickers, firing at defenseless birds and later washing down pigeon breasts and halibut with "the finest wines taxpayers' money can buy," the London-based News of the World newspaper reported...

In interviews with undercover reporters, the AIG honchos said they were aware that the markets were crashing back in New York - but were more interested in bagging birds.

"The recession will go on until about 2011 - but the shooting was great today and we are relaxing fine," AIG honcho Sebastian Preil was quoted as saying.

Preil wasn't the least bit embarrassed that AIG, which got its first $85 billion bailout from the feds last month, needed taxpayer money to stay in business. The hunting trip came the week AIG got a second loan of $37.5 billion...

The AIG hunting party stayed at Plumber Manor, a 17th century country house in scenic Dorset, southwest of London. In four days, they racked up a $17,500 bill for food and rooms.


Anonymous said...

Does this make anyone else angry? why hasn't there been protesting in the streets? or picketting at every AIG office? ugggg! How do these people get away with this stuff? I just can't believe they are so clueless. If there are activist groups re: this sort of thing sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Fuck AIG.