Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Supercrunchers

Can now predict anything with "staggeringly accurate results"or so says Yale author Ian Ayres. This weekend's FT has a lengthy article on number crunching with excerpts from his book, The Supercrunchers so it seems that the Wall St. quants, with their black box portfolios, who blew themselves up the last couple of months, will have a new book to buy.

Now I write a little tongue in cheek, but which had the lowest line on the Georgia Tech blowout of Notre Dame wasn't "sacrificing" anything by enticing Irish bettors. But it "appeared" that way. What number crunching did they use? Ayres? No. Ayre. As in Calvin Ayre, who made a billion from the $10,000 he started his online betting company with before the Feds made it illegal to bet online-unless you're trading stocks, bonds, currencies or futures!