Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Buy CAT!!

Caterpillar has pulled back from 94 to 88, and is now 89, after rallying from 83 in early September. The first catalyst for the CAT rally was supposedly because of new stimulus plans from China, when in fact, the stock was just oversold on cautious comments by CAT's CEO.

Now we have weakness today, because CAT trimmed its outlook for 2015 to $15-$18, from $15-$20, so, once again, we have weakness from cautious commentary by CAT. Oh My!

And once again, that commentary has given an entry point, here at 89, for those who missed it at 83 in September.

CAT at 89, is a steal that even of the replacements refs could rule on!

And speaking of Roger Goodell, didn't he say that the Saints conduct was DETRIMENTAL to the league? Well, then, isn't the officiating detrimental to the league?

Maybe Roger thinks he's in a league of his own!

Well, in that case, the replacement refs have struck out!

Look for a settlement with the refs by Thursday, DESPITE what ESPN says!