Friday, November 9, 2012

Buy AAPL at 537 with both hands!!!

Apple has now corrected enough to buy. And I can tell you to buy it here, since I was touting Apple in the high 80s in January of 2009.  Yesterday, Cramer was on television telling you to sell it, because the fate of AAPL rests in the politicians hands, because the tax rate on capital gains is determining the fate of AAPL.

Well, if you believe that, you deserve to lose. Apple's value is not determined by a pundit on television, and AAPL has now corrected to a price that you can sell at the money puts and collect the premium from the Chicken Littles who are afraid of their own shadow.

Oh My--The sky is falling! Not! Unless of course, you follow these pundits predictions!

Because selling AAPL at these prices is just stupid!

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