Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The faces of hope

Obama hugs graduate Britney Wilson, before his commencement speech at Barnard College!

She had the same reaction as Jennifer Hudson, before she sang "Happy Birthday" to BO in Chicago!

Now does anybody really think that Romney has that kind of magic?

I doubt that!


Settembrini said...

It reminds me of when Paul McCartney beat Johnson and Goldwater back in 1964

Settembrini said...

Everyone loved Dick Clark! And we'll be hopppin all day
When things are poppin !

Settembrini said...

Obama got nothing on this guy-When the people love him, ya just gotta love him. Of course, unemployment was under 3% with this guy

Settembrini said...

We have a different faith; to us the democratic movement is not only a form of the decay of political organization but a form of the decay, namely the diminution, of man, making him mediocre and lowering his value. Where, then, must we reach with our hopes? --Nietzsche

Settembrini said...

The overall degeneration of man down to what today appears to the socialist dolts and flatheads as their "man of the future" -- as their ideal -- this degeneration and diminution of man into the perfect herd animal (or, as they say, to the man of the "free society"), this animalization of man into the dwarf animal of equal rights and claims, is possible, there is no doubt of it. Anyone who has once thought through this possibility to the end knows one kind of nausea that other men don't know -- but perhaps also a new task! --Nietzsche

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