Friday, May 4, 2012

Buy these beaten down names in a $37 basket!!

OK---now it is getting ridiculously cheap to buy some out-of-favor names.

Take BAC here at $7.73
Take FSLR here at $17.37
Take RIMM here at $11.86

You have a $37 basket with these three names. A year from now, you'll be happy, and the shorts in these names will be crying the blues!!


Anonymous said...

Your back?

Settembrini said...

u back---O.K. How about MET, AFL, C, MS? Looking at $2.42 P/E estimate for MS 2013.....and I don't see any problem w BK either. Greece? Spain? What about Detroit? Detroit is going bankrupt....

Settembrini said...

FSLR shows neg $7 EPS, but $4.28 next year. Grounds for further research. RIMM? Will earnings continue to go down? BAC is a no brainer-UP! but I can wait a year+. Any thoughts on CJES? X ?

Settembrini said...

Detroit going bankrupt. CNBC needs to do some scare stories on this major city imploding and how it will hurt the world economy. This would cause the puppets to sell so we could buy cheaper

Anonymous said...

Why not add a couple of coal names to this turd basket?

And welcome back.

Anonymous said...

So are you back in black?

Cut loose, from the noose?

Or are they still trying to put you in the pokey?

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