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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scene from the boardwalk

Was walking through the Tropicana, in Atlantic City and decided to drop $20 in a slot machine.

Someone must of loaded it up for me, as it hit the Jackpot. $2,000 on a .50 machine.

I got paid and walked outside, and there was a very happy guy dancing with red socks in front of Hooter's. He had already tipped some back, and was moving like Michael Jackson. Of course, look at his audience!

So I tipped him the $20 I played, and he posed in the window in front of the Hooter girls.

And he had the bigger smile!


DubbelTap said...

BOOYAH!!! You've got the golden touch it appears. And since you do I took your advice and sold ADBE today and went with GOOG. Let 'er ride and see where she goes. Maybe I'll get a 100 bagger like you did today!


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