Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joy Global trounces estimates!

Joy to the World! Another gift, from my Christmas stock!

So JOYG beats numbers. Was there any doubt? Was there any surprise? I guess there was--but only on Wall Street---and not here!!

Because isn't this what I advertised on November 19th???

So how do you deflect that talk? How about have good earnings on December 15th, or how about selling yourself to somebody else??

As usual--truth in advertising!!!!

And free money again from the sheeple on Wall Street!!


Anonymous said... suckered me out of a ton of money. What these guys do is scam people out of their hard earned money

Anonymous said...

great call!...whats going on with LVS?

Palmoni said...

Sands Macau isn't going down--so LVS corrects almost 25% because of some nebulous news in Macau?

It's just the boys jerking the stock around. When will it bottom? Maybe today--but the play on this number will be the February options--which you'll see next week.

Anyone that wants to play LVS to the upside via options has to take the Jan or March calls--I think th eplay is in the February's..

This market is totally donimated by the action in the option pits versus the stocks.

And that's what I see here.

Anonymous said...

what was the info on Sand Macau?

would you buy the stock?

Anonymous said...

are you holding or selling once had a 98 price target?

Anonymous said... suckered me out of a ton of money. What these guys do is scam people out of their hard earned money

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Some China uncertainty; Korea returning
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Anonymous said...

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