Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Twitter reports on Monday October 27th

Twitter came out with a new gimmick to show where NFL fans live.  But really, what this does is to show marketers and advertisers that Twitter has data that they can sell!!

But speaking of the NFL, did anybody see that Roger Goodell has to testify on the Ray Rice elevator show on November 5 and 6?

ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun huh?

At least the judge allows that after the election, so the pundits have something to talk about!

Last earnings, the stock gapped up 8 to 51, and then eventually sold off to 43 before rallying to 55; and then selling off to 46 last week--bouncing six points to 52 and now back to 49.

The stock should trade to 55 after earnings--And the call options are so rich--so why would the stock go down from here?

Heck call Carl Ichan--He'll tell you its a "no-brainer!"

Think about it--ISIS or ISIL or whatever you want to call them--supposedly gave death threats to the Twits who run Twitter because they were removing their tweets.  And of course, the San Fransico drama boys at Twitter made much ado about nothing.  ISIS can't even cross the border into Texas--So what makes someone think they can get to San Francisco.  Are they going swimming?

And doesn't anybody think tthat ISIS reads theBrigade? You had over 90 pictures  hot chicks dispersed with bombs dropping on ISIS and not a peep from ISIS.  So they are going to San Fransico! Yeah--right!

Anyway, the link below will give you some real high resolution pics of some ISIS bombings and broads.

bombing isis air 920 9 U.S. giving ISIS the business…and a few high res hot chicks (91 HQ Photos)

bombing isis air 920 66 U.S. giving ISIS the business…and a few high res hot chicks (91 HQ Photos)

Well you get the idea. OK--let's be honest. Twitter, is such a great platform, that even the Twitter twits that run it--can't destroy it! Heck, even Wall Street tried to get in on that game and pretend that they were going destroy it when the stock was down to 30.

So why would you sell it here?

But you need a reason to buy beside football season? Well how about the larger iPhone?

I hated using Apple's dinky screen, but I didn't want to switch phones. But I just recieved this email.

Great news, your iPhone is on the way. Please review this email for important information to set up your phone quickly and easily.

So I'm getting the larger screen now.

Doesn't anybody think that the larger iPhones will will cause Twitter users to tweet more?

Or is that just too obvious for Wall Street's twits!


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