Friday, October 31, 2014

Market at new highs? Where's Jeffrey "bond God" Gundlach now?

Another useless prediction by Wall Street. Telling you, on October 14, 2014 that at S&P 500 1850, and Russell at 1050 that stocks had hit their "highs" for the year!

17 days later, and you have had 10% moves BOTH in the S&P and Russell.

Jeffrey, as you should recall, when he left TCW, had the below collection in his work office.

And now you know why he's so revered in Wall Street. Because he was able to bring his porn to work!

Asian Office Sluts
Weapons of Ass Destruction
Buckets of Cum
Big Butt Backdoor Babes 3
Ass Traffic Volume 2
Evil Anal 8
Gang Bang My Face
Sloppy Hoes
Squirt In My Gape
Swallow My Pride 2
The Art of Female Ejaculation
The Bondage Nookie Court
A Trip Down Mammary Lane
Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes
Dr. Fellatio 16

Sexual Devices:
black restraining device
brown rubber penis, 6 inches
cardboard with pink and black straps for restraining
chrome penis, 6 inches, in red velvet bag
glass penis, 8 inches, in black velvet bag
glass penis, 7.5 inches, blue velvet bag with tag ‘phallic’
KY washing liquid with purple rubbing device
Sexy Slave Kit For Amazing Sex
pink and black strap restraining device
rubber penis-shaped sexual device
baggie containing green “brown leafy substance”
bag labeled “medical use only”
bag labeled “90210 kush”

But in fairness to Mr. Gundlach--he did pay his own rent!